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2012 Foals


Thank you for visiting the Coquat Ranch website and the '2012 Foals' page.  All of my 2012 foals have been sold to great homes.  I would like to thank all of my buyers for making 2012 a great foaling and weaning season.  Congratulations and enjoy your babies!

 I have only a couple foals due for 2013.  Please see the '2013 Foals' page for more information on those babies.  I have left several mares open for an earlier start in the 2013 breeding season.

Thank you for browsing and happy trails!




SPARK OF FAITH (APHA# 1,013,208)

Sparks Black Jack (APHA triple homozygous EEaaTT black tobiano) x Faiths Calico (APHA sorrel overo with one blue eye)
2012 APHA Foal

Bay Tovero Filly

Foaling Date: May 15

Congratulations to Kim from Montoursville, Pennsylvania!!

See her photo album here.

See her interactive pedigree here.



This filly is EeAaTt and also looks to carry the overo gene.




This filly is super super flashy!  All legs are white, her tail has a lot of white, her mane is white all the way up to her poll, and the left side of her face is white.  I think this little filly is going to be a great mover just like mom, well balanced, and a very flashy pleasure in the show ring.  She has it all!




Blondys Blue Peppy (AQHA roan) x Sallys Miss Ziggy (AQHA red dun)
2012 AQHA Foal

Roan Colt

Foaling Date:  May 19

Congratulations to the Garcia family from Aransas Pass, Texas on your new stallion prospect!

See his photo album here.

See his interactive pedigree here.


This colt is a seal brown roan just like the long line of seal brown roans before him!  He is a big boned, large colt!  He is very nice.  I was hoping to get a filly out of this cross to keep for a future broodmare, but this will be a lucky break for someone else to get a beautiful colored AQHA colt!




 SWEN SPARKS FLY (APHA# 1,012,812)

Sparks Black Jack (APHA triple homozygous EEaaTT black tobiano) x Miss Poco Buck Swen (AQHA perlino EeAaCrCr with blue eyes)
2012 APHA Foal

Buckskin Tobiano Colt (EEAaTtCrcr or EeAaTtCrcr)

Foaling Date:  April 23, 2012
Click here for photo album of 'Hennessy'.

Congratulations to Tina from Pasadena, Texas!

The sire will contribute a little bit of height to the foal and an attractive head that is short from eye to nose with a bright eye as well as great balance in conformation. He has a short back and a long underline that contributes to a really nice profile.

 IMA SONNY LIL DOC (APHA# 1,012,548)

TrishsLilLeaguer x Doc Alena Ember

Flashy Palomino Colt

Date foaled: April 10, 2012

Congratulations to Anabel from McAllen, Texas!


Click here for photo album of 'Shiner'.

This baby came out so big and huge.  He is very sweet and easy to handle.  He is super flashy with 3 socks, a star, and a snip on his face.  Great palomino color, too!  He is going to be a NICE looking horse.

The sire will contribute height to the foal as well as great balance in conformation.  He has a really good, muscular hip and an attractive profile.

The mare will contribute heavy muscling, athleticism, and agility as well as nice balance in conformation.  Ember also passes along to her foals thriftiness, a high quality hair coat, and a wide chest.

Linebreeding Notes:  THREE BARS (18 times, 7.42%), DOC BAR (3 times, 7.03%), POCO BUENO (6 times, 4.10%), SONNY DEE BAR (3 times, 3.91%), POCO SPEEDY (2 times), LEO (7 times), DELLA P (4 times), KING (5 times), SKIPPER W (4 times), JOE HANCOCK (2 times), and many other greats.


TrishsLilLeaguer (APHA palomino overo with blue eyes) x Diamond (palomino)
2012 Foal

Sorrel Minimal Overo Colt with blue eyes

Foaling Date:  March 5

Congratulations to Jessica from Corpus Christi, Texas!



This foal is so pretty and very sweet.  He is going to be a very large framed, muscular, and beautiful horse.

Visit this link to see Sebastian's photo album!