Coquat Ranch



I offer several levels of horseback riding lessons at Coquat Ranch.  I have several different lesson horses that I use and will rotate students through these different horses to create all around riders.  I offer both private and group and both English and Western lessons.  Our on site trainer offers horse training lessons!

Learn to ride horses in a fun, friendly, safe, and positive environment at Coquat Ranch!

I recommend taking scheduled weekly lessons.  Our students have hauling and showing opportunities.

If you are a mom's group or playdate group wanting to visit Coquat Ranch, please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

By appointment only.  Please call Sarah at (361) 319-2733.

Pay for lessons, trail rides, birthday parties!
Name of participant:
Gift Certificate, Expires 1 year from purchase.

-Leadline and Kid's Lessons:  $50 (~ 45 minutes)
Ages 5 and under

  • Become comfortable around the horse
  • Brush (groom) the horse
  • Interact with the horse and learn safety around horses
  • Some riding

-  Private Beginner Lessons:  $80 (~1 hour to 1.5 hours Western or English)
- Group Beginner Lessons:  $40 (~1 hour to 1.5 hours Western or English)

Ages 6+


  • Safety measures, approaching the horse
  • Haltering, leading
  • Grooming, picking up the horse's feet, using a hoof pick
  • Saddling, bridling, tying a horse
  • Equipment and care and storage
  • Mount, dismount
  • Two-handed riding, one-handed riding
  • Walk, halt/stop
  • School movements, suppling exercises
  • Trot/jog, posting trot, lope/canter
  • Simple lead change, circles, rein-back
  • Ride through and over obstacles on the ground

- Private Intermediate and Advanced Lessons:  $80 (~1 hour to 1.5 hours Western or English)
- Group Int. and Adv. Lessons: $40 (~1 hour to 1.5 hours Western or English)
Ages 6+


  • Body language
  • Putting a horse together, on the bit
  • Rhythm, lengthening the stride
  • Simple lead change, leg yield
  • Turn on the forehand (forehand pivot), turn on the haunches, spin
  • Lateral movements, half pass, haunches-in, haunches-out
  • Diagonals at the trot
  • Side Pass, L-back, back through pattern
  • Counter canter, flying lead change
  • Ride through obstacles and over obstacles on the ground
  • Desirable traits in (and out of) the show ring

Classes, disciplines, activities:

  • Ranch Horse
  • Ranch Pleasure
  • Ranch Conformation
  • Ranch Trail
  • ACTHA Trail
  • ETS Trail
  • Obstacle work
  • Ranch Cattle Work
  • Endurance (LD)
  • Reining
  • Hunter Pleasure
  • Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Hunter Hack
  • Leisure Trail Riding
  • TRAINING LESSONS - learn to train your own horse or learn to train horses using our school horses!

    Private beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons:  $80 (1.5 hours) or
    work with your own horse or our lesson horses

    One on one instruction with our trainer.  Learn horse training techniques - heavy emphasis on ground work, initially, with under saddle work at the intermediate and advanced levels.  Information learned is used to guide horses to gain confidence, mutual respect, and trust.  Call for more information.

    Barn Day Activity, Group Ride, Playdate and Mom's Groups

    Playdate and mom's groups are welcome at Coquat Ranch.  Kids will brush and groom a horse, tour Coquat Ranch, feed a horse, sit on a horse (some riding if time allows), and explore Coquat Ranch and interact with the animals.

    The cost is $80 plus $5 per child/rider.  Charged per hour.

    Allowable group size will depend on parent to child ratio and kids' ages.  We have accommodated groups of 100!