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Dees Miss Peppi

2005 Dunskin AQHA Mare
AQHA # 4687514

Ee AA Dd Crcr
15.3 hh

See photo album here.

Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

Peppi has great conformation and 2 color genes, cream and dun.  She has been trained at both reining and jumping.  She has some videos on YouTube of her under saddle with a previous owner.

Her pedigree includes IMA DANDEE BAR (NCHA money earner), PEPONILLA (NCHA money earner), DOCS DEE BAR (AQHA Champion), GOLDSEEKER BARS (AQHA Champion, Supreme Champion, and NCHA money earner), and m
any AQHA legends including POCO BUENO (6 times, 10.35%), THREE BARS (5 times, 9.96%), KING (11 times, 8.59%), DOC BAR (7.81%), LADY BEAVER (7.03%), SILVER KING (6.45%), ZANTANON, and many more.  Interactive pedigree:

Dees Miss Peppi x Sparks Black Jack = 25% dunskin tobiano, 25% buckskin tobiano, 25% bay tobiano, 25% dun tobiano

Peppi rides super nice and has a background in reining and jumping.  I have been using her as a trail horse, but also have a lot of fun riding her spins, nice stops, easy going jog, and nice moving lope.  I really love riding this mare.











Faiths Calico

2006 Loud Sorrel Overo APHA Mare
APHA # 874165
ee Aa nO
15 hh

bred to APHA Sparks Black Jack for a 2014 January foal (offered for sale)

Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

Faiths Calico 

Ima Calico Leaguer


Calico Sonny


Sir Sonny Go (QH)
Calico Flit
Justa Sonny League


Ima Big Leaguer
Just Maybe

Faiths Tradition (QH)


The Tardee Tradition (QH) 


Noble Tradition (QH)
Shez Golden Tardee (QH)

Just Annieole Date (QH)


The Intimidator (QH)
Dudes Orphan Annie (QH)


Faith is a beautiful loud overo with one blue eye.  She's a real head turner.  She is granddaughter of THE TARDEE TRADITION - World Champion and PHBA Champion, and great granddaughter of NOBLE TRADITION - 4 Time World Champion.  Faith's pedigree also includes IMPRESSIVE (3 times, 15.63%), THREE BARS (20 times, 13.09%), SONNY DEE BAR (3 times, 7.81%), SUGAR BARS (4 times, 5.08%), LEO (10 times, 5.08%), KING (8 times), SKIPPER W (5 times), JOE REED (7 times), POCO BUENO (2 times), JOE HANCOCK (2 times), MR BAR NONE, CALICO SONNY, IMA BIG LEAGUER, and THE INTIMIDATOR.  Faith is out of IMA CALICO LEAGUER and has inherited his pleasant temperament.  She is muscular and athletic.  She is kind and nice to work with.  She is in the Breeder's Trust and will be a good all around performer.  Interactive pedigree:

Faiths Calico's 2014 APHA bay tovero filly, Spark Up Some Faith, is available for sale on the 2014 foals page.  She has one blue eye, one brown eye, just like her mom!

Sallys Miss Ziggy
AQHA # 4621486


2004 Red Dun Mare
ee aa Dd
Homozygous recessive agouti

See photo album here.

Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

'Kizzy' is a big, stout mare with a lot of foundation breeding.  Her pedigree includes AQHA Hall of Fame Stallion BLONDYS DUDE, AQHA Champion DOCS JACK FROST, and many AQHA legends including SUGAR BARS (2 times, 6.25%), THREE BARS (6 times, 6.25%), KING (5 times, 5.86%), ZANTANON (5 times, 4.49%), JOE HANCOCK (4 times), Doc Bar, Poco Pine, Driftwood Ike, and many more.  Interactive pedigree:

Sallys Miss Ziggy x Sparks Black Jack = 100% Tobiano APHA Foal and 50% grullo and 50% black

Kizzy rides two handed - nice easy going mare on the trail.  Great for lunging, round pen work, trail riding, obstacles....super laid back - not a lot of go.  Great for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the view.

Doc Alena Ember

2001 Sorrel Tobiano APHA Mare
APHA # 663324
ee AA Tt
14.3 hh


See her photo album here.

Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

Doc Alena Doll


Doc Doll


Doc O'Lena

Uvalde Doll
Flamingo Bingo


Sky Bug Bingo

Bright Michelle

Docs Ember


Daves Top Smoke


Top Smoke

Winter's McCue
Miss Emberfrost


Doc's Jack Frost

Oakwood Amy


Ember's pedigree includes multiple greats such as DOC BAR (2 times, 12.50%), THREE BARS (8 times, 8.59%), POCO SPEEDY (2 times, 7.03%), POCO BUENO (3 times, 6.64%), DELLA P (3 times, 4.69%), JOE HANCOCK (2 times), DOC OLENA, DOC DOLL - NCHA money earner & APHA ROM Cutting, SKY BUG BINGO - APHA Champion & APHA ROM Cutting, DOCS JACK FROST - AQHA Champion, MR GUN SMOKE - NCHA, NRCHA, and NRHA Hall of Fame, POCO SPEEDY - AQHA Champion & NCHA Money Earner.  Ember is a stacked, well-built mare. She has lots of power.  Interactive pedigree:

Angel Joe Star Buck

1999 Perlino AQHA Mare
AQHA # 4616414
EE Aa CrCr
Guaranteed Color!!!
Homozygous black, Homozygous cream
15 hh

See photo album here.


Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

Angel has a lot of classic breeding including WATCH JOE JACK (25.00%), TWO EYED JACK (18.75%), HARLANS TYREE (12.50%), STAR DUSTER (9.38%), and many more.  Interactive pedigree:

Angel's last foal was a stout, nicely built buckskin roan colt.  Please see the 2013 Foals page for more information.  

This mare is super stout, super wide in the front, very big in the hip, and has great bone.  She is extremely calm, gentle, and easy to work with - very laid back.

Angel does have some riding background and if she is as easy going under saddle as she is with ground work, she will make a fine kid's or trail horseI am currently selling as a broodmare only.

 Miss Poco Buck Swen
AQHA # 4503042


2003 Perlino Mare
Ee Aa CrCr
Guaranteed Color!!!
Homozygous cream
14.3 hh

Tested negative, N/N, for HYPP, HERDA, GBED, and MH; N/P1 for PSSM1


This mare is very stout and muscular with great conformation.  She will always pass on a cream gene to her offspring to produce dilute foals such as palominos, buckskins, and smoky blacks.  Sire is Docs Golden Matador and dam is Codys Poco Swen.  Her pedigree is full of many great horses and champions including POCO BUENO (6x, 10.16%), KING (12x, 9.18%), DOC BAR (7.81%), TWO EYED JACK, POCO TIVIO, DOC OLENA, DOCS PRESCRIPTION, and many more.  Her full pedigree is available on

Miss Poco Buck Swen's 2014 APHA colt, Spark Up Some Buck, is also available for sale on the 2014 foals page.  He is a super stout buckskin tobiano.

I will not be breeding Swen any longer and she will be put into refresher under saddle training as soon as her 2014 foal is weaned.  Hopefully she will be able to make a nice riding mare.

Riding Mares


2000 Palomino Mare
Lesson/Trail Riding Horse
15.1 hh

Diamond is a beautiful "isabella" palomino.  I offered Diamond a home back in 2000 when she was 4 months old.  Ever since then, we've been best buds.  She is a free spirit, being half mustang, and is a great companion to go riding with.


1992 Brown Quarter Horse Mare
Lesson/Trail Riding/Pony Painting Horse
15.1 hh

Star is a great lesson horse.  She and the kiddies get along well.