Coquat Ranch


Birthday Parties and Pony Painting Parties

Book a birthday party or pony painting party at Coquat Ranch.  Kids enjoy these fun parties at the barn!  Equine parties at Coquat Ranch are great for kid's birthday parties.  Parties at the barn are held in a fun, safe environment.

Travel to your home can be arranged if your location allows enough room for one to two horses at $3 per mile one way ($75 minimum)

If you are a mom's group or playdate group just wanting to tour Coquat Ranch and interact with the animals, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Pay for parties!

Pony Painting Party:  $400 (2 to 3 hours, plus venue half day)

2 horses (1 for painting, 1 for riding)
Ages 3+
Charged per group of up to 15 guests.


  • Pony Painting - decorate a LIVE horse
  • Horseshoe decorating
  • Horseback riding
  • 2 attendants
  • The venue for a half day (You may want to have the venue to use for lunch or dinner or other activities.  Some families have a bbq or bring in food to eat before or after the horse activities.)

Bring a picnic lunch and have lunch with your party at Coquat Ranch.  Bring a pinata, games, birthday cake, and party favors to spice up your party.  Decorations are welcome!.

I use non-toxic, washable, water based paint and our painted horse enjoys a nice bath and grooming after the party!

Horse Riding Party:  $300(1 to 1.5 hours)

2 horses for riding
Ages 3 to adult
Charged per group, up to 20 guests

  •  Horseback riding
  • 2 attendants

This package is aimed at those with a group of kids who just want to ride, but do not want to paint a horse or decorate a horseshoe.  Come by the ranch to let the kids ride for over an hour and have fun getting to know the horses.  Kids can work with the horses, groom and brush the horses, and ride the horses.  My horses are kid friendly and love the attention.