Coquat Ranch


Self Care Boarding

Coquat Ranch now offers Self Care Boarding.

Coquat Ranch is located near these surrounding cities and towns: 

Aransas Pass - 3.2 miles

Ingleside - 5.8 miles

Gregory - 6.3 miles

Portland - 8 miles

Bayside - 13.3 miles

Port Aransas - 13.4 miles

Taft - 14.6 miles

Rockport - 14.8 miles

Corpus Christi - 17.2 miles

Boarding in the Barn
12' by 12' stall options

Stalls are tongue and groove pine horizontal boarding with excellent lighting. My water is municipal tap water and is safe for humans and animals. Each stall also has a large, deep feeder for efficient feeding.  

The barn has 10 stalls, and also has a large tack room, a separate feed room, and a large indoor wash rack.

Boarding in the Paddocks and Pastures
1 acre paddocks
1/4 acre paddocks with Centaur fencing
8 acre pasture
20 acre pasture

There is free access water in each of these enclosures.  NEW we have round bale slow feeders that work great!!! No more rubbed manes and hay bellies.

Obstacle Course

210' x 130' arena
Hundreds of acres of trails

The obstacle course includes a bridge, plank, cavalettis, ground poles, elevated poles, jumps, cross rails, barrels, pole bending poles, slicker, rope gate, teeter totter, tire mountain, wagon wheel, mail box, chute, barrel board, and more.
The arena is 210' x 130' and has 3 rails and 2 entrance gates.
There are also 8 acres around the barn for riding and several hundred acres of trails.
Hundreds of acres of trail use and trail riding on site.

This is a trail rider's paradise.  You have the best reason to come out and see your horse - to ride!  Coquat Ranch is home to birds, deer, wild hogs, coyotes, rabbits, and bobcats.  I love riding out there because of the adventure - you never know what you will see.  I have seen red fish tailing at the saltwater lake, loons diving in the freshwater tanks, roseate spoonbills flocking, coyotes running across fields, and deer bouncing away from me and my horse.  You have all the views of a salt water marsh, fresh water marsh, brush country, salt flats, and water sources all in one mini ecosystem.  I have really grown to love the birding - egrets, blue heron, spoonbills, ducks, and loons frequent out there.

The terrain is mostly flat and sandy.  The average round on the main trail (with no detours) is approximately 1.5 hours of riding.

Self Care Boarding Options

Horse owners are responsible for their own horse's care including feeding, haying, cleaning stalls, turnout, and watering.

All boarders have full access to facilities and trails.  I offer complimentary trailer parking and access to the indoor wash rack and tack room.


Stall Self Care $250 per horse per month

Stall boarding, $250 per horse per month

  • Stall board includes your self care use of one stall in the barn.  Turnout pen is also available for stall horses.

Paddock / pasture self care $200 per horse per month

Paddock / Pasture Boarding, $200 per horse per month

  • Paddock board options:  1/4 acre paddock, 1 acre paddock, 8 acre pasture, 20 acre pasture
  • Self Filling water trough (clean, municipal water)