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APHA Triple Homozygous Black Tobiano Stallion, homozygous tobiano, homozygous black, shipped semen available - Conformation, Temperament, Guaranteed Color

Breeding contracts and documents:

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Breed for conformation and temperament with a live foal guarantee AND a color guarantee.  I will work with you to plan out your mare's breeding schedule to get you in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • early booking discount ($50 off if booked before January 31st)
  • multiple mare discount ($50 off each mare booked)
  • return customer discount

    APHA foals out of APHA, AQHA, and Jockey Club mares and PtHA foals out of grade mares.

Stud fee is $500 before discounts and includes the booking fee.  Both On-Farm and Shipped Semen contracts are available via email.

For SHIPPED SEMEN breeding:  Booking fee is due with the shipped semen contract.  The rest of the stud fee and the first shipment of semen must be paid in full before semen can be shipped.

For ON FARM breeding:  Stall mare care (feed, hay, and shavings included, see boarding page for more info):  $10.00/day dry and $12.00/day wet.  Double stall (12'x24') available at additional cost for foaling for mares bred in foal heat.  To lock in these prices, please print and send in the contract located on the 'Breeding Contract' page.  Booking fee is due with contract.  The rest of the stud fee must be paid in full before mare arrives for breeding.

***Sparks Black Jack Color Guarantee x2:  Black Jack will always pass the tobiano gene since he is homozygous tobiano therefore always producing painted foals no matter what the mare looks like.***
Sparks Black Jack - 100% Tobiano Foal Guarantee and 100% Black Point Foal Guarantee as he is homozygous for the tobiano gene and for the black gene.  If any color/pattern mare is bred and the resulting foal does not express th
e tobiano OR tovero pattern AND black points (bay, brown, black, buckskin, dun, smoky black, grulla, etc.) you will receive a free breeding during next year's breeding season.  You pay only mare care.


Sparks Black Jack

2006 APHA Black Tobiano Stallion
Triple Homozygous for tobiano, black, and recessive agouti

15.1 hh

APHA# 887,369
Cooled and Frozen shipped semen available
Guaranteed Color x2 !!

d Factor = EE (homozygous for black)
Agouti = aa (homozygous recessive agouti)
Tobiano = TT (homozygous tobiano)

Tested negative, N/N, for LWO, HYPP, HERDA, GBED, PSSM1, and MH

 Stud Fee:  $500

Guaranteed Color!!
T/T Homozygous Tobiano
 E/E Homozygous Black

Live Color Foal Guarantee







 View his entire pedigree here.

View his photo album here.

 Click here for photo album of Sparks Black Jack offspring.





     Sparks Black Jack is a homozygous black homozygous tobiano stallion (E/E and T/T) which means he will always produce tobiano painted foals and will not produce red based foals.  He has an even temperament and will produce lots of color.  Please contact Sarah by phone or email for more information.  Black Jack has produced many athletic, willing, intelligent, and colorful foals.


     Sparks Black Jack's pedigree includes many successful champions.  On the top, his sire, SHOTS FLYING SPARK, a Reserve World Champion in Tobiano Color and in Amateur Breakaway Roping, SILVER JINGO and BY JINGO, both APHA Champions and on the bottom, TWO EYED JACK - AQHA Hall of Fame and AQHA Champion, KIOWA DUSTY - NCHA Money Earner, and GAMBLING DOC BAR.

Click here for photo album of Sparks Black Jack offspring.




His Sire is Shots Flying Spark.  His achievements are listed as follows:

1993 APHA Reserve World Champion Tobiano Color
1994 APHA Reserve World Champion Amateur Breakaway Roping

Amateur Breakaway Roping

Open Heeling, Amateur Breakaway Roping
68 APHA Performance Points (Open)
14 APHA Performance Points (Amateur)

Calf Roping, Heading, Steer Roping
23 PtHA Halter Points
40 PtHA Color Points

APHA & PtHA World & Reserve World Champion Sire
APHA Superior & ROM Performance Sire

Previous Foals by Sparks Black Jack:  Guaranteed Color!!



APHA Bay Tovero Filly

APHA Bay Tovero Colt (1-day-old)

More Sparks Black Jack Offspring...

Suckling Photo

Yearling Photo

Yearling Photo
APHA Spark Up The Embers, 2011 Bay Tobiano Colt