Coquat Ranch


Trail Use And Equestrian Trail, Bring your own horse!

Bring your own horse!  We offer trail and ranch use for just $10 per horse per day.  Negative Coggins required.

We no longer offer ranch horses to our guests.  You must have your own horse to ride.

Trail and Ranch Day Use = $10 per horse/day, negative Coggins required

Primitive Camp = $30 per trailer and tent/ night, includes trail fee

Stall or enclosure = $40 per horse, self care, includes trail fee

Very limited stall availability due to long term boarders. HiTies, tie to trailer, portable panels, and hot fence pens are welcome.  Do not tie to fences, gates, posts, trees, etc.

no hookups, primitive camping only, LQ trailers allowed, tent camping allowed, bring your horse, neg. coggins required

ALLOWED:  HiTies, tie to trailer, portable panels, and hot fence pens.  Generators, dogs on a leash only.
PROHIBITED:  Tieing to fences, gates, posts, trees, etc. Age under 18 must wear helmets.

If you aren't sure, please ask!

  • Enjoy our trails!
    Enjoy our trails!
  • Big fun!
    Big fun!
  • Sandy beach
    Sandy beach
  • Enjoy the outdoors
    Enjoy the outdoors
  • Beautiful views
    Beautiful views
  • Miles of trails
    Miles of trails
Enjoy our trails!
Enjoy our trails!

Equestrian Trail & Trail Riding

Come trail riding at Coquat Ranch!  Bring your own horse!

Coquat Ranch is home to birds, deer, wild hogs, coyotes, rabbits, fish, alligators, and bobcats.  Some things you might see while trail riding at Coquat Ranch are red fish tailing at the saltwater lake, loons diving in the freshwater tanks, roseate spoonbills flocking, coyotes running across fields, and deer bouncing away from the trail.  You have all the views of a salt water marsh, fresh water marsh, brush country, salt flats, and water sources all in one mini ecosystem.  Coquat Ranch has wonderful birding including egrets, blue heron, spoonbills, sandhill cranes, ducks, and loons.

Bring your own horse, and ride at Coquat Ranch.  The day use fee is $10 per horse/rider.  Current Negative Coggins required; no exceptions.  Full use of trails and facilities included for the day.

  • Trail Use on your own horse- $10 per horse/rider, full use of facilities including wash rack, several hundred acres, two 1.5-hour walk loops

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